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Cysticlean is a vegetarian capsule containing natural concentrated American cranberry extract.

Sophisticated testing procedures guarantees the most potent PAC from American Cranberries.

Cranberries have been long reputed for their benefits on the health of the urinary tract but most cranberry products cannot offer the guaranteed level of PAC required for a beneficial real effect on cystitis and urinary tract infections.


Product Description

The essential ingredient in cranberry extract is the PAC. The level and potency of the PAC determines effectiveness-not the mg of cranberry extract. 
Suitable for diabetics, pregnant women and children over 12.

One capsule daily, prefer to take before bed. Prefer to take 30 days continuously; stop the treatment 3-5 days and repeat above.

May be taken with antibiotics.

No side effects have been reported.

Patients receiving warfarin or other anticoagulants should consult their doctor before taking Cysticlean
Chronic cystitis and urinary tract infections can damage the inner urinary bladder wall. 

PAC effect: the unique recognized effect of PAC is its ability to block the "receptors" existing on the inner urinary bladder wall where bacteria can attach and then proliferate and produce an infection. 

Key to controlling recurrent cystitis and urinary tract infections is improving the bladder's ability to flush away bacteria stopping their adhesion to the bladder wall. 

High levels of type A PAC are clinically proven to decrease the adherence of bacteria to the bladder wall reducing the opportunity for further urinary health issues. 

The unique Cysticlean® formulation has been clinically proven to be highly effective in promoting this anti- adhesive effect. 

With continuous use of Cysticlean®, bacteria lose their adherence properties, allowing discharge through urination.

Clinical trials have proven Cysticlean® is effective in helping to reduce recurrence after 3-6 months. 




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