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Extra Strength Vita Yin Yang

Vita Green

Supports respiratory system

Improves the health of lung and kidney

•Supports respiratory system
•Tonify kidney yin and lung yin
•Relieves tiredness

Ingredients: 100% pure cultivated Cordyceps
Dosage: For health maintenance, 1 capsule daily, take orally
For health improvement, 2-3 capsules daily, take orally
Function: Nourishes lung and kidneys
Suitable for: All who wish to improve general health
Packaging: 60 capsules per box 

Product Description


Premium cordyceps
Cordyceps has long been consumed by the imperial and wealthy families as an exclusive nutritional supplement. Vita Green, being the pioneer in modernizing Chinese herbs to promote health, is now using state-of-the-art extraction technology to create VITA YIN YANG™ from premium grade pure cultivated Cordyceps. VITA YIN YANG™ contains a high level of active constituents that are excellent for nourishing of kidneys and lungs, therefore helping to invigorate energy.

Cordyceps – Winter Worm, Summer Grass

Cordyceps, also known as Chinese Caterpillar Fungus, is a composite herb of the stroma of the fungus and its host, the dead caterpillar (Fam. Hepialidae). That is why Cordyceps is commonly called "Winter Worm, Summer Grass". It can only be found in Western China on high mountains 12,000 feet above sea level. In winter, the parasitic fungal spore lands on the larva of the caterpillar and grows by absorbing nutrients from it until only the skin of the worm is left. In summer, the mycelium emerges as a grass from the head of the mycelium-filled larva to become the "Summer Grass".

Tonify Lung and Kidney

Modern city dwellers live such a hectic and busy life that their health may be neglected. In Chinese medicine the kidney and lung are mutually related. Inefficiency of either organ may create problems such as respiratory discomforts, coughing, and general malaise. Tonifying kidney and lung will help to relieve symptoms and strengthen the immunity. VITA YIN YANG™ is a gift for overall energy. It helps to tonify kidney yin and lung yin. VITA YIN YANG™ is extracted from premium grade pure cultivated Cordyceps. It contains rich protein, cordycepic acid, cordycepin, adenosine, adenine, alkaloids, and polysaccharides, 19 types of amino acids, many vitamins and trace elements.
Cultivated Cordyceps

The availability of wild cordyceps is diminishing because of over collection. Premium cultivated cordyceps is free from heavy metals, microbial and pesticide contamination, and it can benefit the lungs. Taking into account all those benefits, therefore, we have produced VITA YIN YANG™ using extracts of active ingredients of premium cultivated cordyceps.

VITA YIN YANG™ is Manufactured in Hong Kong

VITA YIN YANG™ is manufactured by Vita Green Pharmaceutical (HK) Limited, authorized to manufacture and market drugs and pharmaceutical products in Hong Kong. It is subject to regular inspections which have shown that it follows the requirements of good practices in manufacture and quality control as recommended by the World Health Organization. VITA YIN YANG™ is highly concentrated attaining a high level of active components. The state-of-the-art extraction technology makes possible the presence of active ingredients, giving maximum benefits.

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